Rodin x X-AR: Develop Smart Hostel


Rodin just announced the plan to establish the smart hostel in Istanbul to be release on 2025 (earliest) with the collaboration togethers with the new augmented reality design and development (DD) company called X-AR.

X-AR will be responsible to oversee and prepare the masterplan for the establishment of the first Rodin Smart Hostel; from system design, planning, and development.

Rodin Smart Hostel will have many features includes; the augmented reality technology that will be installed in the entire hostel area, automation of custom robot for receptionist, smart hostel concept in all the appliance and features, and one platform management to handle all guest needs from payment to get access to the tourist information.

Rodin Smart Hostel will be the first hostel in the world that will adopted full smart concept with the combination of Augmented Reality (AR) technology in the hostel.

Visit X-AR official website to get to know more about the project and plan.

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